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New clutches - just in time for Summer! :)

Elle MorrisonComment

I'm so excited to say - introducing new items!!!

HoM has finally been moved to Dallas (meaning I can create so many more pieces & do it faster!)

The first of my new pieces are going LIVE today!  I've been patiently waiting (and I know so many of you have, too), but now is finally the time!  I've been carrying them around Dallas and after countless compliments, I can say, "YES! Now, they're available to buy!"

The Jennifer clutch (appropriately named after one of my stylish and awesome sisters; not to worry, sisters Liz & Kate, your eponymous items are coming soon :P ) is an amazing, timeless clutch.  Made from the highest quality Brazilian cowhides, these calf-hair clutches are a perfect addition to make any outfit pop!

Currently, only Lilac and the LF Edition are available for immediate purchase.  I'll be receiving new colors this week and will have more available in the next few weeks!

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